Warfel Construction makes big impact with 101NQ

Lancaster City, something awesome is happening in the Lancaster Square!

Construction at 101NQ is underway and there is about to be a whole lot of activity going on, so get excited! We are thrilled to be in the very capable hands of Warfel Construction, one of Central Pennsylvania’s oldest and largest providers of construction management, design/build, and general contracting services. Very early in the schematic design phase, Warfel was brought onto the project team with the developer, Zamagias Properties, and architect, LeFevre Funk Architects. “This has allowed us to work through numerous design options in real time to ensure the final design satisfied the intent the building owner’s wants while keeping the project within budget.” says, Robb Beiler, Senior Project Manager at Warfel.

The ‘out with the old and in with new’ renovation of the old Bulova Building is no small undertaking. “Revamping an existing building presents its own unique challenges compared to building from the ground up,” explains Beiler. There are other factors to consider when renovating an existing structure, “we often try to rely on the building’s as-built documents. However, there was not much for us to use from its original construction, creating unknowns regarding the building’s structural components.” says Beiler. These unknowns may pop up during construction, but Warfel is already anticipating them and is ready to react accordingly to stay on schedule.

The timetable associated with 101NQ was created and evaluated multiple times to ensure an attainable completion date. Once a timetable is put into place and construction begins, it is tracked closely throughout each major milestone associated with the project.

“On a project like this, the overall completion and the certificate of occupancy date is critical as the tenants and residents that will be working or living in this building are already making plans for their move-in,” Beiler remarks. And don’t forget about those of us making plans to do some serious dining and shopping at The Row!

You may be wondering: what can one expect to be happening at 101NQ in the next few weeks? Soon passers-by of Lancaster Square will see a crane removing concrete panels from the fourth floor (making way for all of that gorgeous natural sunlight to shine into the residences of The Point) in addition to work happening on the Christian Street side of the building, to elevate the street.

“I am excited about my small role in revitalizing this amazing city,” Beiler exclaims. “This building will be another positive step in making Lancaster one of the best small cities in America!”

We couldn’t agree more. Check back here for more updates and information about 101NQ!

For more information on 101NQ, browse our online guide, contact for information on retail, office, or living spaces, and follow 101NQ on Facebook and Instagram.

We want to thank the full 101NQ team for making this destination a possibility: PPM Real Estate, LeFevre Funk Architects IncWarfel ConstructionLusk & Associates, Community First Fund, Commonwealth Cornerstone Group, RGS AssociatesLancaster City Alliance, Zamagias Properties, and Fig.


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