New Apparel And Footwear Shop Free Press To Open At 101NQ

New apparel and footwear shop, Free Press, to open at 101NQ!

“Our mission is to curate established and emerging apparel and footwear brands to our audience by bringing pieces to the area that people would otherwise have to travel to find,” said Stephen Croft, Owner of Free Press. “At the same time, we want to introduce styles that are unique.”

The customer experience is going to be personal at the store, with emphasis on creativity and connection. It is more than just a shop—there is a full mission behind the movement.

“It is important to have a mission behind the business because we want to always be telling a story,” said Stephen. “That’s the only way we feel people will connect with us and it shows respect to our audience that we care about the quality of not only the items we sell but the experience, too.”

“I feel like people tell their story and express themselves everyday through fashion.”

“I thought about what I wanted our story to be and I realized that it was to allow people to express themselves through fashion,” added Stephen. “I read a quote from Walter Lippmann that said, ‘A free press is not a privilege but an organic necessity in a great society … A great society is simply a big and complicated urban society’ and I really connected with that. The concept of a free press is being able to tell a story without censorship, and I feel like people tell their story and express themselves everyday through fashion.”

The options for shoppers are seemingly endless—with a vast variety of different gifts and items.

“We will carry apparel and footwear of the streetwear, fashion-forward nature,” said Stepen. “We will also carry some lifestyle items, accessories, and publications as well.”

The curated collection will be very intentional.

“We will be curating hand picked brands and we will have them in limited quantities—something similar to a boutique you would find in SoHo,” added Stephen. “I don’t want to give away too much about all of the brands we will carry, but we encourage people to follow us on Instagram for previews of what’s to come!”

Stephen is excited to bring his Free Press vision to the thriving Lancaster scene.


“Lancaster just has a young, vibrant, creative vibe,” said Stephen. “There is always something happening and people out. The city is energetic and it seems to be growing.”

There are even more exciting businesses moving to 101NQ soon! Keep checking back on the website and on social media to get the latest updates.

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We want to thank the full 101NQ team for making this destination a possibility: PPM Real Estate, LeFevre Funk Architects IncWarfel Construction, Lusk & Associates, Community First Fund, Commonwealth Cornerstone Group, RGS AssociatesLancaster City Alliance, Zamagias Properties, and Fig.


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