An Eclectic Experience Coming to 101NQ

We’re thrilled to welcome Ville + Rue by Domaci, an eclectic shop set to be a street-level feature in 101NQ. This Downtown addition is a sister store to Domaci (pronounced doe-mah-si), which is located in our Fig sister city, Bethlehem, PA. Focused on intriguing home design, Ville + Rue will host a plethora of unique pieces both vintage and modern. Owned and operated by Domaci business partner, Rebecca Addington, Ville + Rue will not just be an extension of the Bethlehem store, rather it will house its own products with a Lancaster twist.

What exactly does the unique name mean? “Ville + Rue” is French and translates to “City + Street.” “Domaci” is Czech and translates to home. This beautiful fusion of words and languages is a result of both the flagship store owners Derrick and Warren Clark and partner Rebecca. Derrick comes from a Czech heritage and sought to bring that to life in the business. The French came from Rebecca, who draws inspiration from European, specifically French, culture and wanted to represent that in the Downtown location.

Offering home décor and furniture, the items in Ville + Rue will be on-trend with a classic foundation, combing design inspiration from around the world and from right here in Lancaster. A trip to this shop guarantees falling in love with all things ‘home.’

What brands can you expect to find at Ville + Rue? Loving where you live is the core of the brand, so the product lines will reflect that. Ville + Rue plans to carry candles from Fontana Candle Company, a Mount Joy based brand. Each candle is made of beeswax and coconut oil and is phthalate-free—a rare concept in the scented accent industry.

Ville + Rue partnered with their friends at Ellicott and Co. to bring a new line to the Lancaster Eric and Christopher collection. These in-store exclusive items include tea towels, totes, and pillows that can only be found right here in Lancaster. 

Rebecca and the Ville + Rue team are passionate about local support and seek to incorporate that into all they do. It’s one of the main reasons they chose Lancaster. Rebecca shared that she has always admired Lancaster and dreamt of owning a store downtown.

We’re excited to welcome Ville + Rue to the thriving entrepreneurship culture and cannot wait to stroll through the store. Be sure to swing by for their GRAND OPENING November 1st—the perfect First Friday stop!

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