A New Style of Banking is Coming to 101NQ

101NQ is excited to welcome a new branch of PeoplesBank to its space! Although a billion-dollar institution, PeoplesBank truly is a local business at heart, has been serving South Central Pennsylvania for 155 years. The new location will bring a fresh, new look to the banking industry. Take a minute to check out some of the creative new additions coming to this location!

PeoplesBank designed an open, welcoming space intended to be both casual and professional. When you first walk in, you’ll see a lot of technology mixed in with seating areas and high-top tables. The goal was to create a space open for conversation, ensuring clients feel comfortable. You’ll also be greeted by the concierge team, who will assist as needed throughout your entire visit.

The highlight of this new location will be the vision board experience. In this new, interactive feature, clients and visitors will have the chance to map out their dreams. The room is fitted with big screens where users can grab images related to traveling, retirement, business goals, personal dreams, and whatever else may spark excitement! They then will be able to pin those images on a virtual board and take it away with them as their own vision board.

“Rather than asking, 'What are your needs?' PeoplesBank is asking 'What are your dreams and how can we help you achieve them?'”

Whether you’re a client or not, PeoplesBank welcomes anyone to stop in and plan their dream board! The installation is designed to be a service to the Lancaster community as a whole. 

Another new resource that will be available for clients is video conferencing. This integration of technology is intended to allow clients to talk with remote specialists about their needs. 

Besides the innovative, tech-based services, this location will also offer traditional banking services like deposits, withdraws, and access to a 24-hour ATM.

PeoplesBank is above all, about the people. In everything they do, they seek to cultivate a smooth, flawless experience from start to finish. Their mission is to help clients achieve their dreams and live confidently. Despite their growth, PeoplesBank remains a local bank at heart, and they are careful to keep the individual needs at the forefront of their operations.

Why choose Downtown Lancaster for this cutting-edge location? Kristen Heisey, VP, Director of Marketing and Client Experience shared, “Lancaster City is a growing market and is currently underserved by financial institutions. We’re excited to be part of 101NQ because of its great location and the fact that this building innovatively combines retail, business, and residential living together. We are building a new banking concept that fits very well with the vibe of the building.”

Lancaster is an innovative and growing place, and PeoplesBank recognizes that. We can’t wait for them to join our space! 


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